Internal Teams

Campus Development Team - The Campus Development Team (CDT) helps guide the University’s physical development and the planning of the campus buildings, grounds, utilities, transportation, and infrastructure. The team is a representative body of campus leadership responsible for all major campus programs. The CDT manages the University’s Master Plan and the Campus Development Plan.

Master Planning Team - The Master Planning Team (MPT) supports the Campus Development Team. Members are key professionals from all major campus programs.  The team is responsible for the coordination, development, operations, and implementation (Campus Development Plan) of the University’s Master Plan. Their efforts directly support the Campus Development Team.

University Space Committee - The University Space Committee (USC) oversees reallocations of campus space and provides guidance for acquisition of additional space. This oversight assures that new or altered space allocations are consistent with University strategic planning. New committees in development that will fall under the University Space Committee include:

  • Instructional Space Committee
  • Research Space Committee
  • Architectural Review Committee
Internal Teams Relationships

Relevant Committees

Campus Planning Committee - The Campus Planning Committee (CPC) is an eleven-person chartered committee charged with advising the University President on issues concerning the physical campus, its facilities, its uses, and its continued development.

Parking and Transportation Charter Committee - The Parking and Transportation Charter Committee advises on both short-term and long-term plans for handling on-campus automobile and motorcycle traffic including flow, control, parking, and storage.

Sustainability Charter Committee - The Sustainability Charter Committee was created in order to advise on the integration of sustainability with existing campus programs in education, research, operations, and community outreach.