The University Space Committee (USC), a sub-committee of the Campus Development Team, oversees reallocations of University space and the long-range University Space Plan. This includes decisions on space allocations with multiple divisions inquiring for the space and providing guidance for acquisition of additional space. The committee ensures that all space usage aligns with the University’s strategic plans.

The committee also works on guidelines and standards for space utilization.

To request a new allocation of space, please use the FM@YourService portal. Requests will be shared with the University Space Committee for review, as appropriate.

Seamans Center Common Space
Member Department
Kirk Banks Associate Director, Facilities Information Services
Joe Bilotta (Chair) Campus Planning
Phil Boothby Director, UIHC Capital Management 
Eugene Buck Administrator & Facilities Manager, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lois Geist Associate Provost
Richard Hichwa Associate Vice President, Research Administration
Alberto Segre Professor, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Computer Science
Lynne Finn Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Maggie Vogel Planning Analyst, Campus Planning
Lori Cranston Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, College of Public Health