(why the Master Plan is critical)
  • Promote the University’s mission of education, research, public service, and health care.
  • Focus on students and patients as a priority, followed by faculty, staff, and visitors.
  • Support the University’s operational and strategic planning teams.
  • Better align operational needs with facilities. Be program driven.
  • Embrace a diverse cultural atmosphere.
  • Demonstrate professional stewardship of the University’s resources.
  • Integrate the surrounding environment into the campus landscape.
  • Strengthen and support the University’s image and identity as a national leader in higher education.
  • Encourage interaction and collaboration within the University and amongst the surrounding communities.
  • Maintain an accessible campus by eliminating physical barriers.
  • Promote educational, operational, and environmental sustainability.
  • Maintain a safe and secure campus.
Pentacrest Aerial from East
Class of 2025 Students at Kinnick Stadium


(how we address our principles)
  • Develop an ongoing, integrated, and comprehensive planning process.
  • Establish and embrace a strong urban design framework.
  • Keep, define, and strengthen physical program neighborhoods.
  • Enhance campus open space, edges, and gateways.
  • Create a sense of place specific to the University of Iowa.
  • Provide a friendly, safe, and welcoming atmosphere to students and visitors.
  • Become a pedestrian oriented campus.
  • Protect natural areas that provide environmental benefits.
  • Improve the high visual quality of the campus.
  • Optimize the highest and best use of University buildings and grounds.
  • Maintain a reliable, energy efficient utility infrastructure.


(what approach will be used to reach the strategies, the “Iowa Way”)
  • Recognize the Iowa River as an asset within the University environment.
  • Develop the tri-part student success concept (academics, social, services).
  • Prioritize the use of the Pentacrest buildings for academic programs.
  • Reduce the dependency on motor vehicles. Promote alternative modes of transportation.
  • Reduce vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian conflicts.
  • Enhance and increase the amount of open space devoted for student use.
  • Create architectural guidelines and design standards.
  • Provide pedestrian friendly pathways throughout the campus.
  • Improve campus wayfinding.
  • Develop a campus bikeway system that is integrated with the community.
  • Maintain a University Space Plan that informs the University Campus Development Plan.
  • Improve the use of our current building space.  
  • Increase flexibility of building spaces so they can be easily adapted.
  • Protect building assets, especially those in the flood plain.
  • Improve the unique integration of the campus with downtown Iowa City.
  • Improve the planning and use of all University properties.
Student on Bench by River Behind Iowa Memorial Union